The Sagem Photo Easy 260 is the latest in French company's Sagem dye sub printer range...

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Overall score:83%


  • Nice size and easy to use, Infra Red good for some phones


  • Image quality is slightly flat


Sagem Photo Easy 260

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The Sagem Photo Easy 260 is the latest in French company’s Sagem dye sub printer range.

This dinky unit has a small 1.8” LCD, which is fairly low resolution compared to some others, but it does allow you to see images before you print. It also accepts all popular camera memory cards, or you connect it via USB to a Mac or Windows PC. Camera phone users can transfer images via Infra Red, or via an optional Bluetooth adapter.

Alternatively cameras can also be connected via USB, with PictBridge support. The screen allows you to scroll and zoom images, while a simple interface allows you to select print quantities and so on. The unit also has a button for Crystal image mode, an auto correction which improves colour, saturation and sharpness.

Manual adjustments can be made to brightness, colour and so on and there’s also a black and white mode. Results are slightly disappointing, images are slightly flat and lack the punch that some other printers produce. The Crystal image mode improves things marginally, while for best results printing from a PC rather than direct allows more control. At least you can bump up the saturation and contrast a little before you print. Finally at £17 for replacement media and ribbon, the 42p per print is quite steep considering the quality.


For the price the Sagem unit is slightly disappointing and doesn’t offer the same value for money or quality of its competitors.