The FL-20 is small and dedicated only to the Olympus E-system cameras....

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:82%


  • Small, lightweight, good colour, even illumination


  • Limited features, not the most powerful, some fall off at wideangle, price


Olympus FL-20


Price as reviewed:


The FL-20 is small and dedicated only to the Olympus E-system cameras. With a GN of 20m @ ISO100 the unit offers more power than the E-system’s onboard flash, but lacks any bounce or tilt features. However with TTL, auto and manual settings, the flash has impressive choices for control, all of which are easily accessible via a simple dial on the back of the unit and work seamlessly with Olympus cameras.

The build is very good and matches perfectly with the style and livery of Olympus models, while the small size makes it easy to fit into your pocket or a small camera bag.

The unit works well with the Olympus processor – auto white balance produces accurate results – while the illumination is mostly even at 14mm. Incidentally, the unit has a diffuser for wider angled lenses.

There’s a little fall-off in the corners, which would be obvious if you’re shooting a subject against a wall, but by 24mm this is not a problem at all.


Overall this is a useful and compact unit that matches well with Olympus cameras. It?s expensive compared with similar units for other manufacturers, but Olympus fans should be more than satisfied.


Dimensions:56 x 96 x 28mm
Power:2 x AA
Wide Coverage:14mm
Tilt / Swivel:No
Guide Number:GN: 20