The Kodak EasyShare G610 printer is primarily designed for use with Kodak cameras, but does work with a limited selection of third-party cameras.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:81%


  • Recharges your camera


  • Expensive, Limited compatibility


Kodak EasyShare G610


Price as reviewed:


Kodak Only

If you don’t have a compatible Kodak EasyShare camera, then you might as well skip this review because the Kodak EasyShare G610 is primarily designed for use with Kodak cameras. However, there is a limited selection of third-party cameras that will work with the G610 via the ImageLink standard. This also means the unit has no built-in LCD screen, as you use the one on the back of the camera instead.

Performance and Print Quality

Once docked, the camera is under the control of the Printer Dock. The G610 has very few features compared to previous models; there are no memory card slots, no support for PictBridge printing over a USB cable from a camera and no iRDA wireless or Bluetooth or WiFi options either. The battery of an attached camera does get recharged, though. The G610 does use Kodak’s latest borderless dye-sub print system, though we found that the prints tended not to lie flat. Colour quality is OK, though prints aren’t especially sharp. Printing time is average.


Ink System:Continuous-tone thermal dye transfer
Printer Head:Dye sublimation
Minimum Droplet Size:-
Maximum Print Size:10 × 15 cm
Memory Card:-
Dimensions:198 x 103 x 331mm