A versatile third-party flashgun that works a treat for photographers who want a lot of power....

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:86%


  • Ease of use, reasonable price


  • Obvious plastic feel


Jessops 300 AFDC

Price as reviewed:


Suitable for use with DSLRs, this reasonably priced third-party branded digital TTL/autofocus flash unit with tilting bounce and zoom head is compatible with Canon, Nikon and Pentax mounts.

Once you’ve slid the unit into your camera’s hotshoe, there’s a screw-like locking ring to secure it in place. There are four manual flash zoom positions – 28mm, 35mm, 50m and 85mm – while it can be tilted through 90°, from facing straight ahead to pointing at the ceiling.

The 300AFDC is powered by four batteries (which you’ll have to supply yourself), charges up in a thrice and boasts a guide number of 30m at ISO100 when set at a 50mm focal length.


Lightweight (at 250g) and plasticky it may be, but it’s perfectly usable.