The iPad 2 Missing Manual looks to remedy that by explaining the likes of connecting to a wireless network, checking your e-mail or storing content in the Cloud. Each page is littered with screen grabs and icons, so the tutorials are explained as visually as possible.

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iPad 2 The Missing Manual

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Author: J.D. Biersdorfer

Much like many Apple products the iPad 2 doesn’t come with a manual. For the majority 
of basic functions this isn’t an issue, but occasionally a particular action will take hours to discover, or a shortcut available which may not be immediately apparent. The subjects covered in this manual go through both the apps included and those which are downloadable, including Garage Band and iMovie. Not only are the basic tools explored, but some of the more complicated aspects as well.

The book is aimed at the American audience so the majority of the language, and a fair few tips, aren’t relevant to a UK audience.