You'll never realise how much you need a remote release until you've actually used one...

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Hama remote control release (CA-2)

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You’ll never realise how much you need a remote release until you’ve actually used one. Whether you shoot intricate macro shots or wide vistas, when it comes to lengthy exposures, any slight movement of the camera can cause blurring in the image – even the simple pressing of the shutter button.

Though you can use the self-timer to minimise this, using a remote release avoids any contact with your tripod-mounted camera during the process, giving you a better chance of achieving that pin-sharp image. They are also a more discreet way of firing the camera for nature shots. Almost every creatively minded camera on the market provides a way for you to use a remote, whether this is via a socket or an infrared connection but for most digital SLRs at least, a plug-in cord is still the most popular. The Hama remote release is a simple but effective piece of kit. Though some may think a button on a wire is a difficult concept to fail at, this one certainly doesn’t. It features a tactile two-stage press button to allow for a shutter half-press, and can be locked down when fully pressed by sliding it upwards, for long bulb exposures. This design comes in a range of different fittings for Pentax, Sony, Nikon and Canon connections with prices starting from just £17.61, though we tested the Canon CA2 version, suitable for EOS 5D and 30D models. The remote performed well in testing and does what is asked of it without any hassle. It feels well made and though fairly lightweight, does cost nearly half the price of the Canon equivalent. Overall, a great bargain purchase that is a must for every camera bag.