Gorillapod with a twist - magnetic feet allow this version of the original classic to firmly adhere to metal surfaces. The What Digital Camera Gorillapod Magnetic review...

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Overall score:85%


  • Strong magnetic hold


  • Limited maximum payload


Gorillapod Magnetic

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The original Gorillapod captured the imagination of many. Simple by design, yet endlessly useable, it was possible to wrap its malleable legs around numerous objects to make for makeshift camera support in unusual of places. The Gorillapod Magnetic advances upon this concept by magnetising each of the three rubberised, red-coloured feet that set its aesthetic design apart from the original and rest of the Gorillapod range. The magnets aren’t whimsical either: despite a maximum payload of up to 325g, those feet stick like glue to relevant metal surfaces. The top-end weight capacity is perhaps a little disappointing and yet, given the Magnetic’s diminutive size, not entirely unexpected. Indeed larger models with bigger magnets would be the only way to champion this idea further which, currently, don’t exist on the market. You can’t expect to mount a DSLR up, but a small compact will sit happily – be that wrapped around a signpost, magnetized upside down to a metal lighting fixture or any other such place. It’s a lot of fun to open the creative possibilities though the £25 asking price, while not breaking the bank, is fairly substantial for such an object and around £10 more than the original, non-magnetised Gorillapod. We like it a lot though, and eagerly await larger future versions should Joby deem such production fit for purpose.