The CanoScan 8600F is a fully featured conventional photo, film and negative scanner.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:87%


  • Good quality scans, includes film scans, easy to use.


  • Some waiting for the lamp to warm up.


Canon CanoScan 8600F


Price as reviewed:


Better than the CanoScan LIDE 600F? 

The CanoScan 8600F is a fully featured conventional lamp and lens scanner. It’s interesting to compare it with the Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F. Both models are similar in spec, but the LiDE 600F is cheaper and more stylish. The 8600F also loses out in not being portable and you occasionally have to wait for the lamp to warm up, which isn’t the case with the solid-state LiDE 600F. They’re both quiet with similar scan speeds and scan qualities, but the 8600F scores is in its ability to scan mounted slides and its more robust build.

Like the LiDE 600F, be wary of extreme scan settings to avoid a watercolour look. The 8600F’s slide scan capability may be the clincher for some, but the LiDE is stiff competition.


Not as cheap or as stylish as the CanoScan LIDE 600F, but more solidly built and is able to scan mounted slides too.


Bundled Software:SilverFast SE, Photoshop Elements, Omnipage SE
Connectivity:USB 2.0
Colour Depth:-
Operating System:-
Film Size:12x 35mm film strip frames, or four mounted slides, or 120 format
Maximum Print Size:-
Optical Resolution:4800x9600ppi
Sensor:Cold Cathode lamp/CCD+optical lens
Dimensions:283 x 467 x 120mm