With an abundance of books on how to use your camera already available, new titles must approach the matter from a fresh perspective if they are to be deemed relevant. Darrell Young’s Beyond Point-and-Shoot attempts to do so by explaining not only basic functionality, but also the theory which underpins these.

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Beyond Point-and-Shoot

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Author: Darrell Young

Despite its title the book claims to assume no previous knowledge on the part of the reader, and even though it comes in at less than 140 pages long the content and style allows the reader to develop a sound understanding of all important photographic principles.

The title is peppered with assignments to allow the theory to be absorbed in practice, while a range of images illustrate basics such as depth of field, white balance presets and optical aberrations. Those looking to use their digital camera before wishing to educate themselves on the less relevant theory will need to read the chapters out of order which may prove irksome, although when read as whole it’s difficult to imagine the novice feeling intimidated by anything too vital on their camera.