The Apple iPhone 4S is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, and boasts numerous improvements, but what does it offer for photographers? Nigel Atherton examines the camera and photographic features of the iPhone 4S

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:91%


  • Minimal shutter lag
  • Large, sharp LCD screen
  • Touch Focus
  • Additional features with Camera+ App
  • Excellent image quality


  • Placement of the lens takes some getting used to
  • No manual control of ISO and White Balance
  • A larger, dedicated shutter button would be nice.


Apple iPhone 4S

Price as reviewed:


Image Samples from the iPhone 4S

Above: Images are sharp and detailed, with natural colours.

Above: Exposures are generally accurate

Even strong backlighting didn’t phase the 4S in this example

Above: Punchy, saturated colours

Above: A low light church interior at ISO 800 shows noise but it isn’t excessive.

Above: Barrel distortion on the iPhone 4S is minimal – better than some compacts.

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  4. 4. Image Samples from the iPhone 4S
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