360 Panorama turns your iPhone, 
iPad 2 or iPod Touch into a 360° panoramic camera for just 69p.

Product Overview



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It’s simple to use: just press the record button and, holding the camera in front of you, as straight as possible, ‘paint’ the scene in front of you onto a black and white grid, rotating slowly until you’ve covered a full 360° sweep.

The grid extends above and below the image area so you need to paint up and down as well, until the grid is fully covered by the scene before you. Then press the button again and the app stitches it into an immersive 360° image that the viewer is in the middle of.

Then you can spin the image with your finger and watch the scene rotate before your eyes.

It’s hugely impressive, although 
it does take practice to produce good ones without visible joins, 
and you do also need to be careful of people walking around in the scene while you’re recording, because you can end up with bits of them in your shots.

As well as scenery you could try doing a group shot with everyone in a circle around you – it’s great fun. The app adds geo-tagging as well, and panoramas can be shared 
online via social media sites or the app’s own website, and viewed without any special software. It’s just brilliant.