The Zeiss Milvus 
85mm f/1.4 fast 85mm lens occupies a magical place in the hearts of many for its perspective and capacity for shallow depth of field. But what does the new Zeiss Milvus add? Damien Demolder finds out

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Zeiss Milvus 
85mm f/1.4


Zeiss Milvus 
85mm f/1.4 review


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Zeiss Milvus 
85mm f/1.4 – test results



Zeiss Milvus 85mm MTF

Corner definition is never very far behind that of the centre of the imaging circle, even at the widest apertures, which is a sure sign of a quality lens. That the resolution readings are so high only makes this more incredible. The best resolution comes at f/4, while frame uniformity is better at f/5.6 and onwards. Even fully closed, resolution is very high.


Zeiss Milvus 85mm Shading_f_1.4

Vignetting is dramatic when the lens is at its widest settings, with the corners very noticeably darkened   by about 1.6 stops at f/1.4. Close down to f/2 and the light fall-off practically halves, to around 0.9 stops. Some shading still exists at f/2.8, but is effectively gone at f/4. For portraiture the vignetting can be used creatively, although realistically work will start at f/3.5-f/4, otherwise not enough of the face will be in focus.

Curvilinear distortion

SMIA TV = 0.1%

SMIA TV = 0.1%


The degree of distortion present in images from this lens isn’t worth writing about. Even technical operators will be happy, but I suspect most users will be shooting natural subjects in which distortion is rarely obvious anyway.

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