The 24.6-megapixel Alpha A900 is Sony's first full-frame digital SLR and is aimed at professional photographers, especially studio-based pros looking for the ultimate in high resolution.

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Sony Alpha a900

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Viewfinder, image quality, LCD, Intelligent Preview, remote control, effective stabilisation


  • Handling issues, noise across sensitivity range, DT lens support


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It’s hard to believe that just over three years ago there wasn’t a single DSLR bearing Sony’s name. Yet now, its Alpha system has proved itself just as credible as its competition, and with the A900 the company’s aim to have a DSLR line spanning the entire market has been fulfilled.

Of course, entering such a market is not a decision to be made lightly, and in fairness Sony’s position was a somewhat advantageous one right from the outset. The company already had a history of semiconductor manufacture before it took control of Konica Minolta’s imaging arm, and already had its foot in both compact and camcorder markets, too. Furthermore, its huge marketing muscle goes some way to explaining the Alpha range’s meteoric rise, with Sony’s transparency about its ambitions making the A900 a talking point for the past two years.

Naturally, Sony’s competitors have been making their own advances too, yet at least on paper the A900 still manages to hold a number of trump cards, not least in its resolution. Perhaps more important, the A900 provides the strongest indication yet as to what part Sony will play in the ever-changing DSLR landscape. So, will the A900 be the camera that finally ends the dominance of Canon and Nikon?

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