Boasting the same Quick AF live view system of its predecessor, what else does the latest Alpha model provide for the entry-level consumer?

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Sony Alpha a380

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:90%


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Sony’s four-year incursion into the DSLR market has been successful for many reasons. Aside from carrying Konica Minolta’s flame, it’s been its innovation and emphasis on value for money which has bought it a whole new audience. Whether it’s the budget A200 tempting users into the system, or the pro-grade A900 competing with more established lines, there seems to be little territory the company is afraid of entering.

But with the whole market now catered for, the company has started to refresh its range with the next generation of models. The Sony A380 is the better specified models from the trio of Alpha cameras announced earlier in the year, continuing where the Sony A350 left off. Externally, the focus with new models seems to be on creating a stronger brand identity over the previous Konica Minolta design, as well as cutting down on weight and simplifying operation. But what does the Sony A380 offer that’s new for the entry-level consumer?


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