The 14.6-megapixel Samsung GX-20 digital SLR is the result of a partnership between camera specialist Pentax and electronics giant Samsung that delivers impressive results.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Samsung GX-20

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Sleek design, resolution, noise control, intelligent button layout


  • Slightly cramped viewfinder, underexposure, LCD screen


Samsung GX-20 Review


Price as reviewed:


Value for Money

Strong Specification

When considering whether or not the GX-20 is good value for money, it pays to bear in mind both the strength of the specification with regards to its competitors, and the price and specification with which its predecessor launched. When the GX-10 hit the shelf back at the start of 2008, you would have had to part with around £650 to pick up the body-only package, and then a touch more for the body and kit lens. When you consider the kind of build quality that the GX-10 delivered compared against its competition, it is fair comment to say that it was good value.

Sensor Improvements

Samsung has now improved the sensor so much that it now reaches the kind of pixel count that enthusiasts demand for large-scale reproductions. This, coupled with the aforementioned build quality and weather sealing, mean that the GX-20 is a versatile prosumer proposition.

‘Cracking Value’

To that, add the noteworthy ease-of-use and the inclusion of an auto capture mode, extensive in-camera image editing and a remarkably customisable interface, and the GX-20 becomes a cracking bit of value for a broad range of photographic users. Having launched at a lower price than the Pentax K20D, both models are now at a similar price.

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