The 14.6-megapixel Samsung GX-20 digital SLR is the result of a partnership between camera specialist Pentax and electronics giant Samsung that delivers impressive results.

Product Overview

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Samsung GX-20

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Sleek design, resolution, noise control, intelligent button layout


  • Slightly cramped viewfinder, underexposure, LCD screen


Samsung GX-20 Review


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Intuitive Menu

On the whole, the GX-20 is a pleasure to use. The menu system is designed in such a manner that navigation is simple and intuitive. The various function wheels and quick-access buttons are fully customisable, meaning that the GX-20 can effectively be set up to suit your individual needs.

Prompt AF

We’ve few complaints with image capture, either. The 11-point AF system allows prompt focusing, although there does seem to be a slight delay between the lens focusing and the camera letting you know it’s done so. Due to its high resolution, the files produced by the GX-20 are by no means small; closed JPEGs average around 8MB, with DNGs weighing in at a hefty 23MB. As a result, the camera doesn’t offer an overly-impressive frame per second rate. The 3fps is dependent on card write speed and has a cap on how long it takes for the buffer to fill up. Using a Class 6 Lexar Professional SDHC card, we managed about 20 JPEGs before slowdown occurred and around half that amount of DNGs, and once the buffer is full you have to wait some time for it to clear.

Build Quality

The dimensions and weight of the GX-20 vary only slightly from the Samsung GX-10 and thus it boasts the same reassuring weight in the hand and in use. The handgrip allows for comfortable carrying, and the silicone-sealed weatherproof body has a professional feel.

Viewfinder Niggles

A slight niggle with the design of the GX-20 is the fact the viewpoint through the viewfinder is somewhat restricted, not allowing clear sight of the viewfinder, and in particular the all-important camera settings LED along the bottom. This means that to view the information, one has to look around the viewfinder, resulting in a slightly uncomfortable shooting experience and something which may prove problematic for spectacle wearers.

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