The 14.6-megapixel Samsung GX-20 digital SLR is the result of a partnership between camera specialist Pentax and electronics giant Samsung that delivers impressive results.

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Samsung GX-20

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Sleek design, resolution, noise control, intelligent button layout


  • Slightly cramped viewfinder, underexposure, LCD screen


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The photographic industry is littered with partnerships and collaborations. Manufacturers will either find themselves bought by a larger brand with extensive purchasing power (see Sony and Konica Minolta), or focus on their field of expertise and then share these technologies with other brands. Indeed, there is a long tradition of companies working co-operatively to create cameras, with Samsung and Pentax collaborating once again to create the GX-20.

While Pentax offers a rich history of photographic expertise, Samsung boasts the facilities of a multinational electronics specialist, and as such the pair are a DSLR production partnership seemingly destined to succeed. A result of that partnership, however, is that their respective new DSLR releases tend to launch at or around the same time, as is the case with Pentax’s K20D and the Samsung GX-20. The K20D certainly impresses, so how does the Samsung GX-20 weigh up? Is it the golden child of a fruitful relationship or the sign of a technological collaboration where one party is gaining more than the other?

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