An entry-level DSLR featuring facets of its more advanced sibling – too good to be true?...

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Pentax K200D

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:90%


  • Build, image quality, features, low noise


  • Speed, kit lens AF, easily scratched shell, tight SD slot


Pentax K200D Review


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It’s been two years since Pentax revamped its DSLR line and dropped the *ist range for the K range, reflecting its film heritage. The company has now launched the fourth entry-level model in the range, the K200D, following on from the K100D, the K110D, and the K100D Super.

Pentax appears to have dropped its previous idea of releasing a pair of models, one with image stabilisation and one without (the K100D and K110D) and instead is incorporating the feature as standard. This follows the trends of other manufacturers, not only in the DSLR market but also for their compacts.


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