Pentax K-S1 Review - The K-S1 is a DSLR which stands out from the crowd thanks to some eye-catching design features, but it also boasts a serious spec.

Product Overview

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Pentax K-S1

Image Quality:90%


  • AF performance particularly fast with central AF points; Anti alias filter simulator is welcome; Excellent viewfinder


  • Central control dial too stiff; Design not to everyone’s taste


Pentax K-S1 Review


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Pentax K-S1 Review – Verdict

Pentax K-S1 product shot 1

Although it’s hard to escape the unconventional looks of the K-S1, and nor should you, to asses it’s merits in the entry- to mid-range DSLR market it’s worth considering it apart from those for a second.

On the whole it’s a model which impresses. The AF speed is up there with the best in class, while the viewfinder is also much better than a lot of equivalent models.

Although the handling does have a few issues, such as the poorly designed control dial, the angular handgrip actually provides a good hold on the camera when out shooting.

The model also boasts an impressive sensor which, thanks to the absence of an optical low pass filter, delivers a great amount of detail.

So, if you the design isn’t for you and you can manage to put it to one side you’ll get your hands on a very good DSLR. Who knows, you might even find a colour combination to your liking!

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