Pentax K-S1 Review - The K-S1 is a DSLR which stands out from the crowd thanks to some eye-catching design features, but it also boasts a serious spec.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Pentax K-S1

Image Quality:90%


  • AF performance particularly fast with central AF points; Anti alias filter simulator is welcome; Excellent viewfinder


  • Central control dial too stiff; Design not to everyone’s taste


Pentax K-S1 Review


Price as reviewed:


Pentax K-S1 Review – Performance

Pentax K-S1 Review

AF Speed

Although the kit lens which arrives with the Pentax K-S1 is quite noisy, there’s no denying the fact that it’s extremely quick. This is in no small part down to the fact that central of its 11 AF points are of the more sensitive cross type configuration.

Although the 11 AF points on offer are less numerous than some competing DSLRs from either Canon or Nikon, the K-S1 offers AF speeds certainly in keeping with models from those manufacturers at the same price level.

The fact that the camera features just 11 AF points also means that its nice and easy to switch between the individual AF points, a process carried out by using the control pad on the rear of the camera.

Pentax K-S1 product shot 14

As mentioned previously, it’s a touch disappointing that the rear LCD screen is fixed to the camera, although the performance of the screen itself is more then capable.

The screen produces great colours and delivers a good level on contrast, a combination which results in a fair representation of how the images will appear when you come to review them in post production.

The presence of the pentaprism viewfinder is also welcome in this regard, as unlike its pentamirror equivalent it offers a clear and bright reproduction of the whole scene and is certainly up there with the best in class.

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