What Digital Camera’s review of the Pentax K-r discovers whether the K-r adds something extra to the recent run of promising Pentax DSLRs. Read our full Pentax K-r test…

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Pentax K-r

Overall score:87%
Image Quality:85%


  • Good low-mid ISO image quality


  • No video autofocus


Pentax K-r Review


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Pentax K-r review – Design

The first thing that strikes you when picking the Pentax K-r up for the first time is its reassuring solidity. Constructed from an internal steel frame and outer polycarbonate shell the camera isn’t weather-sealed, although there is an internal dust removal system that’s programmed to automatically activate upon start-up.

Pentax K-r product imageThe K-r’s finger grip is fairly deep and easily accommodates three fingers. There’s a small recess at the top, just under the shutter button, that allows the middle finger to sit more comfortably. A moulded thumb grip adorns the back of the camera, giving the thumb added purchase too. Overall, it’s a very comfortable and ergonomic camera to hold and use.

Buttons are nicely spaced and easy to reach. The selection wheel sits on the back of the camera next to the thumb rest where it is easily operated without having to adjust your grip. Pressing the Info button while the camera is in shooting mode brings up a tiled menu of key settings – from Custom Image settings to AF and Metering mode selection. This ‘quick menu’ is neatly laid out and easy to navigate, which actively encourages you to experiment with different settings, filters and effects. The Menu button, meanwhile, accesses more in-depth settings and adjustments. There’s also a dedicated LV button for live view on the back of the camera, although to record movies you’ll need to move the Mode dial on the top of the camera to the movie icon position.

Power is supplied via a rechargeable li-ion battery that comes with the camera. Alternatively, four AA batteries can also be used via an adaptor – it’s a shame that an adaptor’s needed rather than direct compatibility with both. Battery performance for the supplied 1950mAH battery was impressive, allowing a full day’s shoot and over 300 images with plenty of power to spare.


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