Pentax 645Z Review - The Pentax 645Z is the most affordable medium-format camera on the market, and with a 51.4MP sensor and lack of an anti-alias filter it should be capable of resolving some stunning detail.

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Pentax 645Z

Image Quality:90%


  • Massive resolution; Relatively affordability of medium-format sensor; Ready availability of affordable second-hand 645 lenses


  • AF isn’t as fast as you might like; No escaping the fact it’s a heavy camera


Pentax 645Z Review


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Pentax 645Z Review – Image Quality


There’s no escaping the fact that the 645Z is all about resolution. Its 51MP sensor is capable of resolving an extraordinary amount of detail, outresolving most professional level standard DSLRs. Even as you move the camera up through the ISO range, it still captures an impressive amount of detail.

Image Noise

At the lower ISO settings the 645Z produces impressively clean images, retaining this performance up to ISO 3200. Noise does become more evident as you head up through the range, at 12,800 appearing gritty and at 51,200 luminance noise being particularly pronounced.

Dynamic range

Another benefit of the large medium-format sensor should be an impressive dynamic range. The good news is that this is the case, and the dynamic range on the 645Z is the highest of any we’ve tested at around.

This means you’ll be able drag a huge amount of detail out of shadow areas and preserve detail from areas of extreme highlight as well.

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