Pentax 645Z Review - The Pentax 645Z is the most affordable medium-format camera on the market, and with a 51.4MP sensor and lack of an anti-alias filter it should be capable of resolving some stunning detail.

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Pentax 645Z

Image Quality:90%


  • Massive resolution; Relatively affordability of medium-format sensor; Ready availability of affordable second-hand 645 lenses


  • AF isn’t as fast as you might like; No escaping the fact it’s a heavy camera


Pentax 645Z Review


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Pentax 645Z Review – Performance

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The control layout will be familiar to Pentax users

Much as the camera is designed in a way so that it handles like a traditional Pentax DSLR, the same is true in terms of the cameras performance.

In fact, during the time spent testing the 645Z it would have been quite easy to forget that you were actually shooting with a medium-format professional level camera.

For example, considering the size of the shutter the 645Z features you could be forgiven for thinking you might hear the clamp of it as you shoot. However, although it’s not a completely silent operator it’s still not a huge amount different to a standard Pentax DSLR.

While the 645Z certainly doesn’t sport the fastest AF set-up on the market, it’s no slouch. The model features 27 AF points – 25 of which are cross-type – and these offer a comprehensive enough coverage for landscape and studio photographers alike.

One point of note with regards to the camera’s performance is the pressures of having such a high resolution sensor. When shooting it’s almost imperative to use a tripod, especially if you’re shooting at the longer focal lengths. If you don’t, even the slightest amount of camera shake will be highlighted.

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