Pentax 645Z Review - The Pentax 645Z is the most affordable medium-format camera on the market, and with a 51.4MP sensor and lack of an anti-alias filter it should be capable of resolving some stunning detail.

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Pentax 645Z

Image Quality:90%


  • Massive resolution; Relatively affordability of medium-format sensor; Ready availability of affordable second-hand 645 lenses


  • AF isn’t as fast as you might like; No escaping the fact it’s a heavy camera


Pentax 645Z Review


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Pentax 645Z Review – Design

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The Pentax 645Z is definitely a bulky camera

While there might be a few significant changes in terms of the camera’s feature-set, in terms of design there’s very little to pick from between the 645D and 645Z.

In terms of the general layout of the controls, the various dials and buttons are all in identical locations. The good news is that despite the professional level of the 645Z if you’re familiar with how a Pentax DSLR works then you’ll have no troubles in getting the results you want from the camera.

One necessary observation of the 645Z is that it’s certainly a large camera. It weighs in at nearly 1.5kg body only, and when you consider the extra weight that a few lenses in the kit bag will bring you start to get the idea that it’s a weighty package.

That being said, it all fits easily enough in to a medium-sized shoulder bag while to be fair it’s not a huge amount heavier than comparative professional level DSLR gear.

One new modification to the camera is a slightly redesigned hand grip. That on the 645Z is slightly larger and deeper than on the 645D, and as a result it gives a more secure hold over the weighty body and lens.

The good news with regards to the camera body is that it boasts some 76 weather seals, while there’s also a series of weather-sealed lenses also available. These will no doubt give the professional landscape photographer the confidence they need to take the 645Z out shooting no matter what the weather might through at them.

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