The 11.8-megapixel Olympus E-3 replaces the E-1 as Olympus's range-topping 'professional standard' digital SLR.

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Olympus E-3

Overall score:90%
Image Quality:90%


  • Build, interface, stabilisation, detail, LCD screen.


  • Slowish frame rate, noise at high ISO.


Olympus E-3 Review


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Worth the Wait?

A long time coming prior to launch, the Olympus E-3 is Olympus’s first ‘professional’ model since the 5MP Olympus E-1, which arrived in 2003. In that time, Olympus has been busy updating its consumer DSLRs, with six models during the past three years and working closely with Panasonic to add new technology to the Four Thirds mix – much of which has now transferred to the new camera. On reflection, this incorporation of new technology is the inverse of how it usually works, with high-end technology trickling down from the high end to the consumer models. Certainly Nikon and Canon have followed this strategy, but Olympus has added features such as live view, spot highlight and shadow metering and of course, camera-based image-stabilisation from its consumer range to the E-3.

So what’s all the fuss about the E-3? If it incorporates the same features as a £400 E-510, why bother to spend £1,100 for the top model? Read on to find out.


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