The D800E promises even sharper images than the Nikon D800, but with a couple of compromises. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

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Nikon D800E

Overall score:91%
Image Quality:95%


  • Just like the D800, but with even more detail at wider apertures


  • Costs more than the D800, while moiré could be an issue on some images


Nikon D800E Review


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Image Quality

Nikon D800E review – Image Quality

To really see how the D800E faired, we tested it side-by-side alongside a standard D800, with a selection of high-quality Nikon lenses teamed with it.

We shot a variety of portraits with both cameras, with a mix of available light and flash. Shooting at relatively wide apertures (f/2.8-4) on location to isolate our subject and to achieve a pleasing defocused background, the D800E delivered the ever so slightly sharper images of the two, though the D800 images in isolation still look mightily impressive.

With our studio shots, it was less apparent. With both cameras mounted on a tripod and with an exposure of f/16 at 1/125sec, there was hardly anything to separate them, with both cameras delivering virtually identical results.

It was a similar story with our highly detailed cityscape shot. Shots from the D800E displayed a greater level of detail and sharpness over the D800 at wider apertures, before becoming indistinguishable once stopped down about f/11.

Interestingly, we didn’t experience any moiré in our shots with the D800E – this is not to say that it isn’t susceptible to it, just that it can be a relatively rare issue unless you’re shooting finely textured fabric for a living.

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