Nikon D5500 Review - The Nikon D5500 builds on the success of its D5300 predecessor with the addition of a new touchscreen and tweaked design, amongst several other enhancements.

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Overall rating:


Nikon D5500

Image Quality:90%


  • Absence of optical low pass filter results in higher detail; Good colour rendition; Fast AF performance


  • Removal of GPS; Lacking in manual control buttons


Nikon D5500 Review


Price as reviewed:

£639.99 (body only)

Nikon D5500 Review – Performance

Nikon D5500 Review - Front angled

The Nikon D5500 features the same AF set-up as found in previous D5xxx models, comprising of 39 AF points complete with 9 cross-type AF point, and powered by the Multi-CAM 4800DX focusing sensor. The fact that this set-up is retained is surely in some part down to its success in previous models, with the D5200 and D5300 performing particularly well with regards to focusing.

The D5500 continues this tradition, delivering good focusing speeds in a range of conditions. Even in slightly more difficult lighting conditions the D5500 located the desired target in under a second by employing its assist beam.

The only time when AF performance is somewhat tardy is when it comes to focusing with live view enabled, although despite its slow speed it’s still reliable in terms of accuracy.

As mentioned previously, one of the headline features on the D5500 is the addition of a touchscreen. The good news is that the touchscreen functionality is generally responsive, with the touch controls over shooting settings working particularly well.

Nikon D5500 Review - rear angled


The ability to adjust basic functions when shooting video via the touchscreen is also welcome, as often turning physical dials on a camera when capturing video can result in unwanted camera shake.

The other elements of the screen are also solid, with colour rendition pleasing, a good refresh rate and high resolution all combining to place the unit ahead of most entry level models.

The viewfinder, meanwhile, is directly inherited from the D5300 and sports a 0.82x magnification and pentamirror construction. As a result, the viewfinder presents a reasonably large and clear view of the scene and is again at least in keeping with the competition, if not ahead of it.

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