The Nikon D40 DSLR owes more to the entry enthusiast-level D80 than the entry-level D50 it succeeds. Our Nikon D40 review tests it out...

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Nikon D40

Overall score:87%
Image Quality:90%


  • Excellent noise control and image quality. Functions to match all experience levels from 'first timer' to enthusiast


  • Basic AF system and AF/lens compatibility issues. Slight fringing with kit lens and over processed JPEGs


Nikon D40 Review


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If you’re looking to buy your first DSLR then your search is over – the Nikon D40 is it. Whether upgrading from a compact or jumping in at the deep end the Nikon D40 has everything you need, delivers cracking pictures and it’s brilliantly easy to use. Better still the D40 delivers point-and-shoot simplicity when you want it and advanced, manual settings to grow into, so this isn’t a camera you’re going to need to replace in any hurry. In fact, you probably wouldn’t want to. For those looking for a budget bargain of a DSLR: the Nikon D40 really is it.

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