The Nikon D300s adds video and other features to the already exceptional D300 model, but is it enough of an improvement or more of a minor upgrade? The What Digital Camera Nikon D300s review gives you the lowdown...

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Nikon D300s

Overall score:93%
Image Quality:95%


  • Image quality, large and clear viewfinder, feature-packed, ergonomics, superb AF system


  • Small multi-selector pad, AF can be slow bringing subjects into focus, not a significant update over the D300


Nikon D300s Review


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Nikon D300s review product image - frontThe fact that the D300s is so similar to the original D300 really is testament to how highly specified the original model already was. Many of the changes Nikon has made seem more as justifications for bringing out a new model, rather than the result of any focus groups or market demand. This isn’t to say that the changes in themselves aren’t useful, but perhaps Nikon didn’t consider the few generally subtle additions – mainly that of a movie function – to be enough reason to introduce a whole new DSLR. As video is the main addition (and however obvious as it may be to state it), it’s clear that the D300s is designed for those who will be using the camera for both still images and video, particularly the latter in a more professional manner when connecting an external microphone. Overall, it adds subtle enhancements to an already rock-solid, excellent system.

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