Is the 750D one of the best options for those looking to enter DSLR photography? Find out in our Canon EOS 750D review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Canon EOS 750D

Image Quality:85%


  • Fast AF system; Good handling; Superb touchscreen; 3.5mm mic port; +/-5EV Exposure Compensation; Built-in Wi-fi/NFC; EOS companion app


  • Dynamic range isn’t as impressive as its APS-C competitors; No weather sealing; Kit lens has a predominately plastic finish; Expensive


Canon EOS 750D Review


Price as reviewed:

£599.00 (body only)

Canon EOS 750D Review – Design and Performance

The top plate and rear of the 750D is non-threatening and thanks to the simple, well-structured layout of buttons, it’ll allow beginners who may not have used a DSLR before to pick it up and get accustomed to the handling very easily without scaring them off.

Canon EOS 750D product shot 11

The 750D’s top plate varies slightly from the EOS 760D

It doesn’t have weather sealing or a really heavy-duty feel, but the panels neither creak nor squeak when the body is gripped tightly.

The performance of autofocus in Live View is exemplary. No off-putting autofocus noises were traced in video footage with the 18-55mm STM kit lens and the focus tracking can keep up to speed with most subjects provided they don’t move too erratically through the frame.

Canon EOS 750D product shot 7

There are plenty of on-camera shooting controls

Wi-fi and NFC works a treat too, with Canon’s Camera Connect app allowing a quick transfer to mobile devices, plus it’s possible to adjust the AF point position and key settings straight from your smartphone’s screen.

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