There was a long delay but the Canon EOS-1D X has finally arrived. Has it been worth the wait? Find out in our Canon 1D X review

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Overall rating:


Canon EOS 1D X

Overall score:93%
Image Quality:95%


  • Performs exceptionally well in low-light situations, Capable of shooting breathtaking bursts at high speed, Feels robust and up to the task of any photo challenge


  • AF drive mode isn’t displayed through the viewfinder when it’s being changed, Star rating isn’t as intuitive as that on the EOS-5D Mark III, No identifiable movie-record button on the body


Canon EOS 1D X Review


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Canon EOS 1D X – Design

A quick glance at the 1D X’s body from the front and it would appear there hasn’t been many design chances. Inspect it closely from the rear however, and you’ll notice some practical revisions. The most significant of these is the new AF toggle for moving AF targets when it’s used in the portrait orientation. This transforms the way the camera performs in portrait mode and will be of great benefit to anyone who shoots as regularly in the portrait format as they do in landscape orientation.

Handling the camera in portrait mode is made more comfortable too. This is down to the way the bottom corner of the body has been profiled, leaving the thumb to rest comfortably over the card slot cover release handle. Never before has a Canon DSLR been as comfortable to hold and as practical to operate in both shooting orientations.

Other revisions include the repositioning of buttons. Playback, zoom, erase and protect buttons are now orderly arranged beside each other, Live View is activated by a miniscule button beside the viewfinder and the Quick Menu displaying most of the shooting information is activated by a separate small button above the quick control dial.

As for the menu system, it’s practically identical to the EOS-5D Mk III’s. Autofocus gets its own sub menu, making it extremely quick to access the six combinations of subject-tracking and the menu system is brightly colour coded too, making navigation both simple and clear. Setting AF point selection is made by hitting the AF point selection button and using the M-Fn button.

A handy autofocus icon is indicated at the bottom right of the viewfinder to confirm correct focusing and our only minor grievance regarding AF is when you’re changing drive mode as this isn’t indicated through the viewfinder meaning you’re required to pull your eye away from the camera.

AF aside, the overall build and robustness of the body can’t be faulted – it’s truly sublime. Though pros will be accustomed to a weight of 1.3kg, it will feel heavy to anyone that’s accustomed to using a lighter body. The 1D X’s bulk factor combined with full weather sealing also offers reassurance that it’ll survive the brunt of any demanding conditions or knocks it’s faced with.

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