The EOS 1300D is Canon's latest entry-level model and replaces the two-year-old EOS 1200D. Audley Jarvis finds out if this is one of the best choices for beginners

Product Overview

Canon EOS 1300D

AWB colour:90%
Dynamic Range:80%
Image Quality:90%
LCD Viewfinder:80%


  • - Competitively priced
  • - Highly intuitive and easy to use
  • - Provides access to a huge range of Canon lenses
  • - Excellent image quality


  • - Resolution a little limited compared to that of rivals
  • - Build quality a little plasticky


Canon EOS 1300D review


Price as reviewed:

£289.00 (Body only)

Canon EOS 1300D review: Verdict


For those who already own the 1200D, the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity and the higher resolution screen are the only compelling reasons to upgrade. And while both are useful, most 1200D owners who have already learned how to use a DSLR effectively will be better off moving up to the more advanced EOS 750D or EOS 760D if their budget permits. For those looking to move from a regular compact and purchase their first DSLR, however, the Canon EOS 1300D represents a solid investment.

The main reason is that the 1300D’s stripped-down feature set, well-placed physical buttons and neatly arranged in-camera menu make it an exceptionally easy camera to use, and thus a great camera to learn DSLR basics with. To this end, it also comes equipped with a generous range of fully automatic exposure modes. For those who aren’t accustomed to regularly shooting in any of the core PASM modes, this provides a handy safety blanket to fall back on while getting to grips with the more hands-on manual and semi-manual modes at a leisurely pace. To sum up, it’s an excellent DSLR for beginners.

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