The EOS 1300D is Canon's latest entry-level model and replaces the two-year-old EOS 1200D. Audley Jarvis finds out if this is one of the best choices for beginners

Product Overview

Canon EOS 1300D

AWB colour:90%
Dynamic Range:80%
Image Quality:90%
LCD Viewfinder:80%


  • - Competitively priced
  • - Highly intuitive and easy to use
  • - Provides access to a huge range of Canon lenses
  • - Excellent image quality


  • - Resolution a little limited compared to that of rivals
  • - Build quality a little plasticky


Canon EOS 1300D review


Price as reviewed:

£289.00 (Body only)

Canon EOS 1300D review: Build and handling


In terms of build quality, the 1300D’s polycarbonate outer shell feels perfectly in keeping with the camera’s price, although it’s not in the same league as the magnesium-alloy casings found higher up the EOS range. Aesthetically, we think the soft-sheen black finish and neatly sculpted curves give the 1300D a pretty stylish appearance overall, although others may find it a bit plasticky.


The 1300D benefits from a relatively pronounced finger grip that, for most people, should be deep enough to comfortably accommodate three fingers. This is further aided by a sculpted thumb rest on the back, and combined they enable a secure grip on 
the camera. Buttons are well placed, clearly labelled and spaciously arranged so as to minimise the chance of making accidental selections. Unlike the 750D and cameras higher up the EOS range, there is no LCD display on the top-plate. Instead, the 1300D comes with Canon’s standard Quick Menu (accessed via the ‘Q’ button), which presents you with all the camera’s key settings neatly displayed on the rear LCD screen. Overall, the 1300D is an intuitive and easy-to-use camera that most first-time DSLR users should have no problems getting to grips with.


The optical viewfinder is the pentamirror variety and provides 95% coverage. While bright and clear, it is a little small. Admittedly, that could well be because we are accustomed to using more advanced DSLRs with larger viewfinders. Most first-time DSLR users won’t even notice its relatively modest size.

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