Canon EOS 1200D Review - The Canon EOS 1200D follows on from a long line of successful entry-level Canon DSLRs

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Canon EOS 1200D (EOS Rebel T5)

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:90%


  • Good, lightweight design; Great value for money; Performance at higher ISO settings; EOS companion app


  • Lacking Wi-fi as standard; Could benefit from more AF points


Canon EOS 1200D (EOS Rebel T5) Review


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Canon EOS 1200D (EOS Rebel T5) Review – Performance

Canon EOS 1200D Review - top down

One of the features which will certainly prove welcome to those joining the DSLR fold for the first time is the introduction of the free Canon EOS 1200D Companion app.

This app – a first for Canon in the entry-level fold – serves as an intricate and interactive user manual to help guide you through the ins and outs of the camera.

The app is broken down in to three parts – ‘Learn’, ‘ Explore’, and ‘Inspire’. These three parts cover the various aspects of the photographic process, including the basics of photography, how to get the best out of your camera and a series of photography projects to help you further your skillset.

The app is well designed and can almost serve as a beginners guide to photography that will really help those looking to learn more about the craft.

Canon EOS 1200D Review - rear angled

LCD upgrade

The model’s LCD is an area in which Canon has paid particular attention to improvements on the 1100D, and on the whole the new model is certainly welcome. The unit’s refresh rate is quick, the screen itself isn’t particularly reflective while the viewing angle is also pleasing.

One disappointing missing feature regarding the model’s LCD screen is the lack of an eye sensor to switch between the viewfinder and LCD when lifting the camera to your eye. Instead you have to press a dedicated LCD button to switch off the screen, making the whole process rather cumbersome.

In terms of AF performance the Canon EOS 1200D is generally fast and responsive, particularly so in bright lighting conditions. In lower light conditions the general focusing speed is noticeably slower, although not so much that it’s a huge negative on the overall performance, while in more challenging environments such as sports and wildlife photography the AF speed more than holds its own.

Unfortunately this glowing performance isn’t carried through to AF speeds in Live View mode. In Live View the AF performance is noticeably sluggish to lock focus, generally hunting around for a while to pick the required focus point.

That being said, the fact that the model feature nine focus points means that on the whole the AF performance is in keeping with other models in its class and will excel in most shooting situations.

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