The Canon 1D Mark IV is Canon’s most advanced DSLR to date with HD video, 102,400 ISO, and full customisation to suit the way you take pictures

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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Overall score:95%
Image Quality:95%


  • High-speed shooting, fast focusing, high quality LCD screen, unbelievable ISO range


  • Limited control on video shooting, over-complicated custom menus


Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Review


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Digital Photo Pro

Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional software, included in the box, has had an update too. Now on version 3.7, it offers a quick and easy way to view, edit and covert your images. Also, as the algorithms for the Raw files have been created in-house, it offers the optimum output in terms of quality and image noise reduction. Adobe’s Camera Raw 5.6 update does also offer Raw conversion from 1D Mk IV files, though. The software remains easy to use and fast in operation. Multiple files can be selected for editing and batched for processing, with a range of adjustments available for Raw files and JPEGs. A file tree in the far left window allows you to work directly from any chosen folder without having to import, while files can be exported in a full range of formats, at both 8bit and 16bit.

Also in the box…

On top of the powerful DPP editing software, the EOS 1D Mk IV comes with a selection of other useful programs. The EOS Utility allows you to work tethered to your computer, fire remotely and download your images; Picture Style editor allows you to create and customise your own picture styles for use on the camera; ZoomBrowser EX is a simple image viewer for organising and printing your images; PhotoStitch allows you to create panoramas from multiple images; Wireless File Transfer Utility works with the optional wireless transmitter to control data transfer; and finally, the Data Security tools for image decryption.

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