The Canon 1D Mark IV is Canon’s most advanced DSLR to date with HD video, 102,400 ISO, and full customisation to suit the way you take pictures

Product Overview

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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Overall score:95%
Image Quality:95%


  • High-speed shooting, fast focusing, high quality LCD screen, unbelievable ISO range


  • Limited control on video shooting, over-complicated custom menus


Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Review


Price as reviewed:

Canon dominated the sports and press market for many years but since the launch of Nikon’s D3 the distribution is much more balanced. The Canon EOS 1D Mk IV was launched within a month of Nikon’s record ISO headlined Nikon D3s, as tested in last month’s issue. Both cameras have the same end user in their sights: the professional sports or press photographer. Both cameras offer the same 102,400 ISO equivalent at the top end, fast shooting and impressive- sounding AF systems able to track fast- moving subjects. The D3s certainly lived up to expectations; will the Mk IV do the same?

Canon 1D Mark IV Key features

Auto Focus Tracking

The highly customisable AF system provides fine- tuning for the way the camera chooses to track subjects, from how many focus points it uses, to the speed at which it alters focus, and even whether to give priority to the subject or the chosen focus point.

ISO range

The camera offers an impressive standard ISO range of up to ISO 12,800 and is the first Canon camera to offer an expanded mode that can provide a range from 50 up to a breathtaking 102,400 ISO equivalent.

Custom functions

With 62 custom functions listed in the menu system, the focus of this camera is towards personalisation. Everything is tweakable, from the ISO range to the function buttons.

Built like a brick…

The camera body is built from a magnesium alloy construction and is fully weather-sealed in 76 places around the body, so when used in conjuction with a weather-proofed lens (such as the L series) it will hold up to working under very tough conditions.



Low light

This kind of low light shot would have been very difficult to achieve with any other camera. Despite the high ISO, noise levels are still fairly minimal.

Canon 24-105mm f/4, at 58mm, f/4, 1/2500th, ISO 25,600, AWB


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