Sony Alpha 6000 Review - The Sony Alpha a6000 is the manufacturer’s latest CSC, boasting class-leading AF performance and an impressive APS-C sensor

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Sony Alpha 6000

Overall score:90%
Image Quality:90%


  • Good high ISO performance; Great specification; AF speed


  • LCD screen could be better specified; EVF a touch behind competition


Sony Alpha 6000 Review


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Sony Alpha 6000 Review – Image Quality

Sony Alpha 6000 Review - image quality

Colour and White Balance

In terms of the a6000’s auto white balance performance, it’s safe to say that the camera performs well in a range of different conditions. Even in mixed lighting conditions the a6000 manages to pick the right setting and deliver an even scene displaying accurate colours.

If you want to tailor the colours in a scene to suit your needs, you can select from one of the 11 presets, make your own call with the custom setting, or, finally, use one of the ‘creative’ modes if you require something a bit more outlandish.


The Sony a6000 utilises a 1,200-zone evaluative multi-segment metering system that, on the whole, excels when it comes to delivering true-to-life exposures.

The sheer amount of zones taken in to account means that a large portion of the frame is taken in to consideration when shooting, and as such you can depend on the camera to deliver consistent results.

Furthermore, the a6000 delivers an impressive level of performance with regards to its dynamic range. It balances shadow and highlight detail well, and thus delivering even exposures and pleasing images straight out of the camera.


In terms of resolution, the a6000’s 24.3MP sensor delivers some impressive results. In fact, with a score of 34 at ISO 100 on our res charts, the camera out-resolves DSLRs such as the Nikon D5300

Image Noise

In terms of image noise, this is generally well controlled right up to ISO 6400, a level of performance that’s certainly impressive considering the high resolution of the sensor.

Beyond this setting noise does begin to take over the frame somewhat, although this can be alleviated somewhat by using the camera’s multi-frame noise reduction technology.

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