Sony A7 II Review - The A7 II follows on from the Sony A7 to sit at the top of the manufacturer's CSC tree. Although it's not a direct replacement, it does offer several improvements while maintaining the impressive full frame sensor.

Product Overview

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Sony A7 II

Image Quality:90%


  • 5-axis image stabilisation; New handgrip and control layout; High-res EVF


  • Control wheel on the rear is a touch fiddly; Loud operational noise; Battery life not great.


Sony A7 II Review


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Sony A7 II Review – Verdict

Sony A7 II product shot 3

There was a lot to like about the Sony A7 when it arrived at the top of the manufacturer’s CSC tree, and the good news is that the A7 II’s improvements are generally successful.

The problematic design has been resolved thanks to the new handgrip and button configuration, totally transforming the way the camera feels and operates. The 5-axis stabilisation, meanwhile, will undoubtedly prove hugely beneficial for those shooting video and who like to shoot handheld more often than not.

There is still room for improvement, however – the EVF still lacks perfect colour accuracy, the battery life isn’t the best and the A7 II can certainly prove a touch noisy when shooting.

Then there’s the price – if you’re looking to upgrade from the A7 you’ll have to invest around £1k when current market trade-in values are taken in to account, and as such you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cash.

It may well be when you consider the excellent image quality and the fact that Sony’s full frame CSC lens system is due to be substantially increased this year, adding even more appeal to what is one of the most compact and appealing full frame cameras around.

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