Sony A5000 Review - The Sony A5000 replaces the NEX-3N in Sony's growing Alpha range of CSCs. The 20MP APS-C CSC features all of Sony's characteristic bells and whistles, and looks to compete with the entry-level DSLR market

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Sony A5000

Overall score:87%
Image Quality:85%


  • Wi-fi addition; Improved metering; Low price tag


  • Poor LCD screen; Noise reduction too aggressive at times


Sony A5000 Review


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Sony A5000 Review – Performance

Unlike some other recently released cameras that now sport Hybrid AF configurations, the A5000 is solely equipped with a contrast detect AF set-up. As a result, it’d be foolhardy to expect the A5000 to be able to keep up with the very fastest focusing cameras in its class, and that’s generally the case.

This is particularly noticeable when it comes to continuous focusing, as when trying to keep up with fast moving subjects the A5000 really struggles to keep pace. The focusing system also struggles in low light conditions, an affliction which isn’t aided by the fact that the camera’s AF light is placed very close to the natural resting position of the gripping hand.

In contrast, however, the fact that the A5000 sports some 25 AF points mean that the frame does have good coverage so once the camera have achieved focus it normally does so accurately.

In terms of the camera’s metering system, this is another area where the A5000 has inherited some advanced technology from further up the manufacturer’s camera line-up.

The model features the 1,2000-zone Evaluative multi-segment metering system first seen in the Alpha 77. As a result, it’s safe to say that you can rely upon the A5000 to deliver even exposures in a host of different lighting conditions.

It’s worth noting that the LCD screen found on the rear of the camera is of a lower specification than some competing model, at just 460k-dots. As a result, the screen can be a bit difficult to view in particularly bright lighting conditions (something that could be further evidenced by the presence of a ‘Sunny Weather’ brightness setting).

The screen does benefit from its tiltable design, however, and if you’re an avid selfie taker then it might pique your interest.

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