Samsung NX3000 Review - The Samsung NX3000 continues the NX series tradition of combining a full specification with a broad range of imaging technology at a competitive price point, and may well be the best value NX camera yet.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Samsung NX3000

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:85%


  • Large sensor; Retro design; Vari-angle LCD screen a plus


  • Lack of hybrid AF set-up; No touchscreen; Heavy noise reduction


Samsung NX3000 Review


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Samsung NX3000 Review – Image Quality

Colour and white balance

There are a few issues with regards to colour performance, with colour rendition sometimes varying from shot to shot even in the same lighting conditions.

However, on the whole the colours themselves are usually vibrant and punchy with darker tones correctly rendered low in saturation.

Auto white balance, meanwhile, does a good job in general although it can struggle when presented with conflicting light sources.


There are a range of metering modes on hand, including the option to link metering with the selected AF point, and in general the metering performance is fairly accurate.

There is a slight tendency to preserve highlight detail and when shooting backlit subject the NX300 can produce particularly bright exposures, although on the whole the camera is reliable in this regard.

Noise and Resolution

Thanks to the APS-C sensor, the NX3000 is capable of resolving a large amount of detail thanks to its ample APS-C sensor. In fact, at the base ISO 100 the amount of detail captured is comparable to DSLRs featuring equivalent sensors.

The level of detail reproduction is maintained right up to ISO 800, although beyond that it does tail off somewhat due to in camera noise reduction.

The level of performance with regards to noise at high ISO settings is also pleasing, with images showing little sign of luminance noise. Images are also relatively noise free at ISO 1600, although above this noise reduction does begin to smudge finer details.

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