Samsung NX3000 Review - The Samsung NX3000 continues the NX series tradition of combining a full specification with a broad range of imaging technology at a competitive price point, and may well be the best value NX camera yet.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Samsung NX3000

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:85%


  • Large sensor; Retro design; Vari-angle LCD screen a plus


  • Lack of hybrid AF set-up; No touchscreen; Heavy noise reduction


Samsung NX3000 Review


Price as reviewed:


Samsung NX3000 Review – Design

Samsung NX3000 Review - front impact

The first thing that strikes you about the NX3000 when it’s in the hand is its retro styling.

The body is described in promotional material by Samsung as having a ‘premium vintage’ feel, and with the silver top plate and either brown, white or black leather-styled textured front it’s easy to see where they’re coming from.

Unlike some of the other models in the NX series, the NX3000 doesn’t feature a touchscreen. As a result, all of the camera’s functionality is accessed through a wide collection of physical controls including – a d-pad / scroll wheel on the rear, a host of surrounding control and a pair of function buttons, both on the camera and the lens.

Samsung NX3000 handheld

Not ultra-small

Although the Samsung NX3000 shares a host of its functionality with the Samsung Mini, it doesn’t quite inherit that models ultra-diminutive dimensions. In fact, it’s just a touch smaller than its predecessor, the NX2000.

That’s not to say that it’s not small, and with the kit lens attached the NX3000 will comfortably fit inside of a small bag.

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