Samsung NX Mini Review - Samsung has a long tradition of class-leading and headline innovation, and with the Samsung NX Mini - the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera - the manufacturer leads the way once again.

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Samsung NX Mini

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:85%


  • Super-compact size; Connectivity; Affordability


  • Some image quality issues; Relatively low-spec screen


Samsung NX Mini Review


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Samsung NX Mini Review – Performance

Samsung NX Mini Review - top down

Although the NX Mini does feature a reasonable AF set-up, unfortunately it is lacking in the kind of on-chip phase detection AF several other cameras in Samsung’s CSC line-up feature.

The set-up found in the NX Mini is solely of the contrast detect variety, featuring 21 AF points in the standard mode, increasing to 35 points when shooting in close-up mode.

On the whole the AF performance is generally acceptable, delivering fast focusing speeds and accurately-focused subjects.

There is one concern over the camera’s AF performance, however, and that’s when shooting self-portraits. On occasion the NX Mini showed a tendency to lose focus all together, hunting for focus just before taking the shot and then triggering.

In terms of tracking focus, however, the camera does perform a lot better. The touchscreen allows users to simply press on the subject they want to track and the camera does the rest.

Samsung NX Mini Review - with lenses

Action camera

This makes the NX Mini a capable action shooter, a facet enhanced by the fast maximum shutter speed of 1/16000 second and a burst mode shooting speed of 6fps.

One impressive area is the camera’s battery life, especially when you consider how small the camera’s body is. Samsung claims that the 2330mAh battery is good for around 650 shots on a single charge with the kit lens, and during the test I generally found this claim to ring true.

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