The Pentax Q10 features DSLR controls and arrives with a range of fun and functional lenses. It stands out from its CSC peers, but is that necessarily a good thing? Find out in our full Pentax Q10 review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Pentax Q10

Overall score:77%
Image Quality:60%


  • Light weight; Plenty of physical controls; Decent flash performance


  • Some fiddly controls; Image quality; AF could be faster


Pentax Q10 Review


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Pentax Q10 review – Verdict

Pentax Q10 front view

Overall, while the Pentax Q10 has its control-to-size ratio to recommend it, and a number of positive aspects with its design, it’s sorely let down by inconsistent and often lacklustre image quality. Its appeal is confusing when, for around the same money, you can buy an enthusiast compact camera with a larger sensor and zoom lens which will deliver better image quality. If you are taken by the novelty of the Q system, you may also be interested to learn that samples of the Pentax Q10’s predecessor, the Q, are still available for under £250 with a kit lens included.

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