Sony HX60V Review - The Sony HX60V is the manufacturer's latest attempt to seize the travel compact market, featuring a 30x optical zoom and 20.4MP Exmor CMOS sensor. Does it succeed? Find out in the What Digital Camera review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Sony HX60V

Overall score:87%
Image Quality:90%


  • Large focal range; Good image quality; Solid performance


  • Not enough improvement on the predecessor; Lacking built-in EVF


Sony HX60V Review


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Sony HX60V Review – Verdict

Sony HX60V Review -  front view

There’s no denying that the Sony HX60V does improve on its impressive predecessor, the HX50.

The addition of a new processor results in a bevvy of operational and performance improvements, while the features carried over continue to impress.

However it must be said that the HX60V arrives in a more competitive market than its predecessor, with the Panasonic TZ60 and Nikon S9700 particularly impressing.

So if you’re looking for a travel compact that delivers excellent image quality the HX60V remains a good option, although it could maybe have done with a few more improvements.

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