Sony's W570 is a small, slender point-and-shoot compact. It may look the part, but can its 16MP sensor play the part too? The What Digital Camera Sony Cyber-shot W570 review investigates...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Sony Cyber-shot W570

Overall score:82%
Image Quality:80%


  • Small size, style, point-and-shoot ease


  • Rear zoom location, poor LCD viewing angle, occasional ‘flicker’ of LCD screen, limited controls


Sony Cyber-shot W570 Review


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Sony Cyber-shot W570 review – Features

Sony’s W570 compact camera is a small and slender point-and-shoot model. The emphasis is on simplicity for those looking for an attractive and easy-to-use model that won’t cost them the Earth.

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At the Sony Cyber-shot W570’s heart is a 16.1-megapixel sensor, supported by a 5x optical zoom that ranges from a 25mm wideangle through to a mid-zoom 125mm equivalent. It’s got all the range you’ll need for group shots, portraits and zooming in that little further for subjects a little farther away.

A 2.7in LCD screen on the rear shows compositions in real time, including focus area information, and can be used to playback and review still shots and videos captured with the camera. Video files are high definition 720p and captured at 30fps.

iAuto is the W570’s main operating mode which is designed to take control of everything including exposure, focus and all other settings. There is little in the way of intervening with taking a shot except for some flash control – the W570’s ethos is very much point, compose and shoot.

As with the majority of current Sony cameras there’s also a Sweep Panorama mode that can be used to capture panoramas by moving the camera in real time – the camera then stitches together all the shots into one seamless, elongated panoramic image. It’s an effective feature that works well.

Sony Cyber-shot W570 review – Design

The Sony Cyber-shot W570 is a slim, attractive compact. At just under 2cms deep it’s easy to slip in a pocket or bag and take with you anywhere. When switched off the lens sits in the camera’s body to maintain the elegant design.

Sony W570 product image front angle three quarterControls are set up with simplicity in mind: on the back there’s a three-point switch that can select between Auto, Sweep Panorama and Movie shooting. It’s as simple as that – click it into place and fire away. There is also a d-pad to control flash, display, self-timer and face detection and a main menu for more ‘behind the scenes’ set up and formatting.

Often compact cameras have their zoom switch or toggle on the top of the camera as it sits well against the hand. This isn’t so with the Sony W570 – instead the camera opts for a rear-mounted wide-to-tele zoom switch that’s not always ideal in use. It’s not hard to use but could have been better placed. Keeping the majority of controls on the back does maintain the W570’s clean design, a crucial feature for such a camera to appeal.

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