Sigma dp2 Quattro Review - The Sigma dp2 Quattro features a striking, unconventional design and a completely reworked sensor in comparison to its predecessor - the DP2 Merrill.

Does this redesign and reinvention result in improved performance? Find out in our full Sigma dp2 Quattro review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Sigma dp2 Quattro

Overall score:83%
Image Quality:85%


  • Wonderfully sharp lens; Image quality at lower ISO settings; Well laid out controls


  • Bulky body; Handgrip not particularly comfortable; Image quality at higher ISO settings; No video


Sigma dp2 Quattro Review


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Sigma dp2 Quattro Review – Design

The first thing that strikes you when looking at the dp2 Quattro is the elongated body and the large handgrip to the right of the camera.

There’s no denying that it certainly looks peculiar on first impressions, and when you first pick the camera up it also feels rather odd in the hand.

However, after a short amount of time you soon get used to the design, and it certainly gives the camera a solid feel when carrying around one handed. It also gives the camera a good feel when shooting, although there is a certain amount of dexterity required from your thumb to change the settings.

Control dials

That being said, the general control layout is good. A pair of dials sit on the camera’s top plate, with these being used to adjust exposure settings. The dp2 also sports a welcome manual focus ring, as well as dedicated buttons for focus area selection, ae lock and focus mode selection.

A QS (‘Quick Set’) button is also available, and this offers quick access to a host of other common settings.

Outside of the notable design quirks, the Quattro feels like a well-made piece of kit thanks to its rugged magnesium alloy shell and chunky metal top-plate dials, as is often the case with Sigma DP series models.

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