The Samsung WB550 incorporates an ultra wide angle 24mm lens with 10x optical zoom, so does it have the best of both worlds? Is the W550 (HZ15W in the US) both the perfect wide angle and megazoom compact camera? The What Digital Camera Samsung WB550 review...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Samsung WB550

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:80%


  • 24mm wide angle, well priced, manual mode (and manual macro focus)


  • flash poorly placed, oversaturated colours in low light, over sharpening


Samsung WB550 Review


Price as reviewed:


Image Quality & Value For Money

Samsung WB550 review – Image Quality

The Samsung WB550 has a small image sensor which carries an effective 12.1 megapixels. Ideal for making enlargements, though so many pixels on such a small sensor does tend to limit the image quality, especially at the higher ISO sensitivities. From ISO 80-400 the results deliver with no issues, but the 800-1600 range pronounces some noise, particularly in low light.


In-camera sharpening can also come across a little strongly too, though this can be turned down via the WB550’s in-camera menu. At ISO 3200 the camera limits to a 3MP size where colour and quality significantly lack; it seems an unnecessary ‘perk’ to have such an option available. The WB550’s lens is of ample quality, though not strikingly sharp – it’s the in-camera sharpening which seems to add to edges in an overtly pronounced way.

Samsung WB550 review – Value for Money

Shop around and the Samsung WB550 can be bagged for around £230 (down on its £300 SRP). Considering the number of electronics companies hoisting prices sky-high of late, this is great value for money given the specs and is an excellent reason to opt for the Samsung. Compared to the older Samsung NV range, the WB550 is head and shoulders above in terms of looks and introduces enough new bang for your buck, without excessively pushing the price. It seems Samsung has a firm understanding regarding affordability and the WB550 takes successful advantage of this.

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