The Samsung ST1000 combines the simple point-and-shoot with advanced tech such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and even DLNA compatibility. The What Digital Camera ST1000 review takes a look to see if it’s the ultimate compact…

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Samsung ST1000

Overall score:85%
Image Quality:75%


  • Design, 3.5in touchscreen, technical features


  • Battery life, short brand-specific USB cable, image quality lacks


Samsung ST1000 Review


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Samsung ST1000 review – Features

The Samsung ST1000 is more than your usual camera. Marrying point-and-shoot simplicity with a variety of techy-specced gadgetry, expect GPS (global positioning) for geo-tagging photos, Wi-Fi for emailing shots direct from camera (network availability or hotspot required) and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s even DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible, which allows for transmission and sharing of images around a home network – potentially making the ST1000 seem all the more future-proof. But amongst all the tech-spec, is the ST1000 the ultimate compact?

The ST1000 is a small, slim 12.2MP compact. Its 5x optical zoom lens is housed inside the body and has a 35-175mm range. Smart Auto mode takes control of proceedings to take the hassle out of shooting, or a P mode allows for the ISO sensitivity to be set from ISO80-3200. 720p high def movies can also be captured at either 30 or 15 frames per second.


Samsung ST1000 review – Design


As a stylish compact the ST1000 is really on the money. Available in silver & red, black & gold, blue & silver, red & black and all black, there’s a finish to suit everyone.

The rear touchscreen is of significant size, taking up most of the camera’s rear. This makes sense as, apart from the shutter, there’s only a solitary playback button on a dipped edge towards the top right side; no further buttons to clog up use. While this may look good, it’s not entirely to the testament of use – the touchscreen will take a short while to fully grasp, not that it’s complex, just the locations of each menu adjustment. Once the incessant default beeping has been turned off (it activates upon every press of every menu) and you’ve learnt which functions are tucked away where though, it’s easy going. Not one for use with gloves in the cold weather though, as this will cease the connection from finger to screen. Despite the lack of buttons, one or two directional buttons or quick-access menu buttons wouldn’t have gone amiss.





Zooming in and out is controlled by a rather tiny toggle switch on the camera’s top right. Unlike more sizeable efforts from the majority of other compacts, this small, horizontally-aligned method is a touch fiddly and not as responsive as it should be at all times, plus it’s directly next to the shutter.

While everything is generally very good, some of the smaller issues can amount to an annoyance. Firstly the camera uses micro SD and there’s no USB or SD converter in the box. Secondly the ST1000 doesn’t have a standardised USB output, instead a brand-specific lead that’s incredibly short and will actually prevent the camera from resting on a surface when hanging from a computer’s USB port. The same cable is used for charging the batter when inside the camera, but again the short length of the cable is a frustration.

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