The Samsung SH100 comes equipped with a touchscreen LCD and Wi-Fi for internet sharing and connectivity. The What Digital Camera SH100 review…

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Samsung SH100

Overall score:84%
Image Quality:80%


  • Affordable, well featured


  • Irresponsive touchscreen


Samsung SH100 Review


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Image Quality & Value

Samsung SH100 review – Image Quality

The SH100’s images serve their purpose and are more than good enough for everyday snaps, but this isn’t the sort of camera to buy for critical work. Even in good light there are signs of processing that causes grainyness, soft edges and indistinct detail in areas. ISO 100-400 sensitivities produce acceptable images, while ISO 800-1600 images are far softer with visible colour noise, and ISO 3200 is far softer and colour-muted that it’s of little use.

In general colour is realistic and the Auto White Balance deals with a range of scenarios well. Some blue/purple fringing is visible towards subject edges, but if not used at full size then these finer diminished details are less prominent.

Overall image quality is acceptable and considering the SH100’s low cost price point the final pictures are a fair delivery that’ll serve well for day-to-day snaps.

Inside the camera there are also options to apply (either pre- or post-shoot) Vignetting, Soft Focus, Old Film and a number of other modes. The menus can obscure the image’s preview which is frustrating,

Samsung SH100 review – Value

The SH100’s original £200 RRP has been suitably squeezed down to a much more affordable £115 from a number of online stores. Certain colours even appear closer to the £100 mark – not bad for a well-equipped point-and-shoot compact.

Competition is rife at the low price end of the compact market, so there are innumerable other contenders available – though very few to offer both a touchscreen interface and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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