Ricoh GR Review - The Ricoh GR has been developed as the successor to the GR DIGITAL IV. It boasts an APS-C sized sensor and 18.3mm f/2.8 fixed lens

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Ricoh GR

Overall score:93%
Image Quality:90%


  • Light weight yet solid build; Consistent sharpness across frame; Great shot-to-shot times; Speedy AF


  • Slightly warm AWB; Disappointing video quality; Sensitive metering system; JPEG noise reduction too harsh


Ricoh GR Review


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Ricoh GR Review – Image Quality

Ricoh GR Review - sample image gallery

Ricoh’s previous GR Digital models were renowned for their image quality, and the GR follows suit. Thanks to the APS-C sensor the camera is able to resolve better detail at higher ISOs than previous models, with less destructive noise reduction taking place. JPEG noise reduction – even on its lowest setting – is best avoided if Raw files can be processed instead, as this softens fine details too much.The Ricoh GR’s metering system can be somewhat sensitive, swaying exposure either under or over on occasion, although the exposure compensation control falls under the thumb and so can quickly be employed where necessary.

The camera’s Auto White Balance system is generally sound, although it can be a little warm at times. This can sometimes be quite pleasing in that it has the effect of intensifying colours a little, although in more neutral areas it may be less desirable.

Noise is very well controlled, with the camera doing impressively well to maintain detail at higher sensitivities despite noise becoming more obvious. Video quality is somewhat disappointing, with footage smooth but lacking vital details. Sound quality is perfectly reasonable though.

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